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A playthrough of Tecmo’s 1990 NES game, Bad News Baseball.

Played through the entire single-player mode with the LA team. The ending is shown.

This is a really cool baseball game from the 8-bit era. With the pink Tecmo rabbit acting as the umpire, and a dude that looks like an escaped mental hospital version of Mr. T that cheers you on when you get a homerun, it’s got quite a unique feeling to it. It’s also pretty excellent that it features the Tecmo hallmark cinemas, so don’t be confused when it looks like someone got Ninja Gaiden in your baseball. Especially when Ryu Hayabusa himself appears at the end, albeit it super-anime form.

Unlike most baseball games, this one doesn’t feature a season mode, but rather, the single-player mode puts your chosen team up against all of the other 11 teams that are selectable (and resemble actual MLB counterparts, though no real names are used since the game lacks an official MLB license). Many of the games never go the full 9 innings – it goes by the Japanese rule that calls the game once one team is ahead by ten runs. It’s not very difficult, so many of the games are wrapped up within the first couple of innings.

It’s been years since I had played this last, but I always enjoyed it as a kid. It was great to find that it is still just as fun, appealing, and as accessible as it ever was.

Maxacorn, consider your request fulfilled 🙂
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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